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Selling An Inherited Coin Collection: What You Should Know

If you inherited a coin collection, it's probably something you hold very near and dear to your heart. However, if you've never had a passion for coin collecting or don't have any knowledge in the area, you might be toying with the idea of selling the collection. If you have had this thought, make sure you know how to move forward. 

Determine If You're Ready

Make certain you are fully ready to sell the coin collection. Undoubtedly, the coins are more than just a piece of metal. They represent a piece of your loved one, so getting rid of the collection might also be emotional. Coin selling can sometimes be brutal in that buyers don't always see the value in a coin that you do. A buyer might offer a fair price for the coin, but given its emotional value to you, you might not see the offer as enough. Ensure you've sufficiently overcome your emotional attachment.  

Learn What You Have

Don't attempt to sell the coins until you have a very clear idea of their value. Step one of this process involves research. Start by researching every single coin in the collection and looking through any documentation that came along with the collection that might offer details about its origin. It's not enough to simply look at the perceived age of the coin and assume it's valuable when the opposite could be true. At the same time, you don't want to undervalue the coins, so research is important.

Eliminate Time Constraints

In the same way that it took your loved one years to amass their collection, it could take a while to sell the coins. Not only are different collectors looking for different coins, but you might need to communicate with several buyers until you find someone who offers you a suitable price. If you need to sell the inherited coins to help cover any obligations, it's better to start the process earlier rather than later. 

Research Buyers

You should exercise some patience during the selling process when it comes to the buyers you pair with. It's very helpful to research buyers. First, given the value of the coin, you might want to sell to someone who will value the coin, not someone who will melt it down. You also want to ensure you're getting the best offer, as you might not find this type of exchange right away. Take your time to learn who you are selling to. 

Knowledge and patience are critically important when it comes to selling an inherited coin collection, so make certain you do your part in each of these areas. Reach out to a resource like Harlan J. Berk, LTD, for more information.