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Can You Reduce Your Bail?

If you've been arrested, you know the pain of wondering what kind of bail you face. You may know that bail can be set high, which means that your chances of being bailed out may be lower. In either case, you may want to reduce your bail so that you can leave jail as you await trial.

You may see the judge during your arraignment only to learn that he or she has placed a high bail in your case. You may look for ways to reduce this bail. Bailing out of jail is a process that can seem intimidating. If you are worried about your bail amount, these are some things you can do.

Reduce Any Appearance of Being a Flight Risk

If they have reason to believe you may be a flight risk, the judge will set a higher bail. There are some things you cannot change, including the severity of the charges you face or your history of missing court dates. On the other hand, you may be able to reduce the high costs by showing that you have ample support in the local area and have a career you are well-invested in.

Reduce Fear of Criminal Behavior

If you have been in trouble in the past, the judge may look at your history when they set bail. You may be able to convince the judge of your good behavior by pointing to a job, parental responsibilities, and punishments you followed through with in the past.

Reduce Fear of Risk to Others

If the court feels that you may be a risk to others or yourself, the bail will be set very high. You can prove you are not a risk to others by turning over weapons or by showing you have a treatment plan with a mental health professional.

Talk to Your Attorney

An attorney will protect you from unreasonable bail. A bail reduction hearing may follow, allowing you to build your case. You may be able to build some strong reasoning as to why your bail should be lower.

Contact a Bail Bonds Company

A loved one can bail you out of jail when you know the amount by working with a bail bond company, like Brad's Bail Bonds. Bail bonds companies can relieve some of your fears by allowing you to pay less than the total amount of bail. So, even if you are not successful in lowering your bail, you may still be able to afford the bail process.

Call a bail bond professional today to initiate the process.