Investing In Diamonds For The First Time: 5 Critical Mistakes To Avoid

Investing in diamonds is an exciting, high-stakes means of potentially making a lot of money, but since it's not traded by weight the way gold or silver is or by volume like oil, the learning curve is a little bit longer. Before you get started investing in these exquisite stones, consider the following common mistakes and how you might avoid them. 1. Equating High Price With High Value A diamond isn't necessarily going to be a great investment, simply because it's high-priced. [Read More]

Understanding Payday Loans And How To Manage Them

When you work hard week after week but have an unexpected financial need come up between paydays there are some ways to raise money that doesn't involve selling everything you own. You can take out a loan against earning you are expecting in your next paycheck with some specialized loan companies. Referred to as payday loans, they are unique and often have nothing to do with credit but are guaranteed by the earnings you will be getting on payday. [Read More]